At Marbella Home Solutions we guarantee our work as we are professionals and working together with a group of collaborators who can give you maximum guarantee, allowing a quick and effective care.

We have the infrastructure necessary to effect repairs and installation however complex and qualified personnel with full warranty; also we have the latest technology for specialized jobs.

This allows us to operate at low cost, still 20% cheaper than other companies working in the area.

We can help and provide daily, imagine a reputable company who can solve...

Any management documentation: city councils, telephone companies, billing and payment receipt, inspection of vehicles, etc.

Maintenance: cleaning, ironing, laundry, gardening, etc.

Fault: Electrical, Plumbing, Tv, etc.

We are experts at solving everyday problems, for you to use the time on what really matters.

Rent or Sell Your House

Alquile o venda su casa


Right now the rental market is in an upward point which we must seize. If you are interested in selling or renting your home we can help you in...



Who We Are

The company was founded in 2000 by Doña María Magdalena, after checking himself the lack of professionalism in this type of service.

He decided to create a service in which we prioritize the professionalism in this kind of service